I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.
Adventure Story CD
Kids Yoga CD from the Angel Bear Yoga product line.  This is an Adventure Stories CD with creative visualizations that capture children's imagination and sweep them away to a far off forest. Designed with the benefits of meditation, relaxation and peace, these stories are perfect for quiet time after an Angel Bear Yoga class or any time children need to find stillness. Each of the 50 stories has a plot line about positive character traits and how they are present in nature. Along with their new friends, Angel Bear, Sweet Pea, and Grandmother Bear, children will see amazing sights and learn incredible facts about nature. Prepare to be surprised at how much our natural world reflects our own inner goodness. These visualizations allow for children to reflect upon their own behaviors, actions, and thoughts. Each story is 3-4 minutes in length and may be paused for added reflection. This kid's yoga CD was originally created for the Angel Bear Yoga program and is an exciting supplement to this program.

You have decided to take a grand adventure with your new friends from the forest . Angel Bear needs your help in getting Sweet Pea back on track! She has lost her light and needs to find it again. By learning to see the beauty all around, her heart will begin to shine again. Angel Bear will fly you through the forest to Grandmother Bear, who will teach you the lost secrets of the forest. Whenever you need to relax, you can visit your friends in this enchanted forest. Are you ready? Then let's begin!

"We love our Angel Bear Yoga products! My two sons have listened to the CD every day since they arrived! My youngest boy can't stop talking about Sweat Pea!!! Too cute!!!!! This afternoon, he was playing with figurines make believing one was named Sweat Pea. And tonight, he said "What if there was a Rasberry Bear mom?" Wow! This is such a powerful but peaceful product. I am so thankful for finding the website! Anyway, I am a new fan and will be doing my best to spread the word!"
Janice Ashdown Smith

"Dear Mark & Christi,
Just a note to say thank-you for creating such a beautiful CD. My kids love it! I have to share with you that it is the only relaxation/meditation material that has helped my daughters to fall asleep at night. We have tried many things to help her quiet her mind and go to sleep without success and here you created the most delightful journey before sleep time."

Thanks, Dina Peterson

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