I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.
Angel Bear Yoga Endangered Animal Poster

Yoga for Children Angel Bear Yoga Endangered Animal Poster

Bring Compassion to the World!

This is a poster that will bring compassion to your home and/or classroom teaching children how to care for the animals of our world. Featured are 10 original Angel Bear Yoga poses and positive character traits representing appreciating and saving our world and animals. Our children are the next generation that can help bring change to the world – now is the time to teach them these important messages! This poster will serve as an inspirational daily reminder to bring compassion into our hearts…one pose at a time. Each poster is 22 x 17 in size and can easily be framed.

Join Angel Bear Yoga™ and Pandas International (www.pandasinternational.com) in saving the Giant Panda Bear!

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