I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.

Awaken your Diva Spirit

Awaken Your Diva Spirit Through Yoga!

I have been teaching yoga to children for many years now. The one thing I have noticed as mothers bring their children to class is that they tend to congregate in the back of the room – as if yoga wasn’t something for them – only for their children. It may be because they are unfamiliar with yoga, perhaps they feel insecure about exercising in front of a group, or possibly, they don’t feel the fun time is meant for them. I always encourage the mothers to come forward – sit with their children and experience the wonderful gift of yoga. As they do, amazing things start to happen. They begin to awaken parts that have long been forgotten – their old self – and they begin to tap into their inner child.

One such case clearly stands out in my mind. A friend, who I had known for several years decided to start bringing her two daughters to one of my weekly yoga classes. She had been going through some difficult times, and to say the least, was pretty down and out. She arrived at my first yoga class wearing a baseball cap to conceal her long, gray streaked hair and wearing frumpy clothes (this was her usual look these days!). After three weeks of coming to yoga class, she walked through the door with a new funky hair do and three inch heels!! She came up to me after class and explained how the yoga had helped her to look within and find what she was missing. The diva within had been awakened!!

Some people may think that “divadom” is all about a look. They drape fashion over an empty shell. But a true diva simply accessorizes her inner beauty – thereby creating a whole package. This is what yoga does – it calls you to look within yourself – and the light begins to shine.

In America, yoga has become extremely popular. However, it generally tends to be about fitness. While there are certainly great physical benefits associated with yoga – we must not forget the entire mind/body/spirit approach.

Children (and parents) are under so much pressure for so many things – to live up to so many exterior standards in our society. As many great leaders have shown us in our past, this is not the way to become a true diva. Only through our personal character can we truly be a light in the world.

So I propose that - one pose at a time, our hearts will begin to shine and light up the world – in true diva style!