I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.


Do you have to be a yoga instructor to do Angel Bear Yoga™?

No! Angel Bear Yoga™ was created for anyone to use – regardless of yoga experience! The lessons and exercises are easy-to-follow and very simple and gentle. 

What ages child can use Angel Bear Yoga™?

Angel Bear Yoga has been used with much success with children as young as two and as old as twelve. It really depends on the individual child. The general age range for the program is 3-9. 

How can I use Angel Bear Yoga™ in my home?

Angel Bear Yoga™ was designed as a way for parents to spend quality time with their children while enjoying the benefits of yoga (mind, body and spirit) along with instilling positive character traits. The program was designed for busy parents, so in 5 minutes a day, you can focus on one theme from the Main Lesson Book and/or Play Deck. You can choose to do any or all of the following: physical poses, breathing exercises, heart affirmations, visualizations, relaxation, creative exercises.

How can I use Angel Bear Yoga™ in my classroom?

More teachers are wanting to add movement and tools for focus and quiet time into their curriculum. Angel Bear Yoga™ has successfully been used in many classrooms. Teachers can integrate the yoga into their daily routine – perhaps as a way to start or end the day – or during busy times as a way to quiet and add peace to the classroom. Teachers really have a buffet of choices – they can choose to do one or more of the following each day: physical poses, breathing techniques, heart affirmations, visualizations, relaxation, nature facts, and creative exercises. 

Does Angel Bear Yoga™ have any religious affiliation?

No! Angel Bear Yoga™ was created for all children. The yoga techniques in this program are not based on any religious dogma. Rather, they are physical and emotional tools for the body and for promoting positive character traits that are what all people want for their children.

What type of child responds to Angel Bear Yoga™?

After many years of teaching children from all different backgrounds and educational systems, we have found that Angel Bear Yoga™ appeals to all children. Angel Bear Yoga™ integrates all of the learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) into the lessons plans, as to not leave any child out. We have found that the more active children respond amazingly well to the imagery and creativity of the program and are able to focus and relax while doing the exercises. 

What products do I need to get started using Angel Bear Yoga™?

The Angel Bear Yoga program was designed to fit into the busy days of parents and teachers. We offer many choices depending upon your interest level. The Main Lesson Book and Play Deck offer daily lessons, so you would need one to get started. The DVD is a great introduction to show you how to get started (like your own in house training session!). The CD and Companion Book are great accessories to add more to the lessons for quiet time and creativity. And of course, children love to have their own yoga mat, Sweet Pea Bear and posters to hang in their rooms!