I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.
Angel Bear Yoga Online Training

Thank you for your interest in Angel Bear Yoga and our Online Trainings!

Angel Bear Yoga offers a wonderful opportunity for you to train for children’s yoga from the convenience of your own home! With our Online Training Program, you will receive one-on-one training with Angel Bear Yoga’s Founder, Christi Eley,  who has over 10 years experience in the field of children’s yoga. She will guide you through all the materials and knowledge you will need to lead successful children’s yoga classes in your community.  The Online Training is so convenient because you an do it at any time from any location!  We have had people from over 30 countries take the training now!

Anyone can do it!  People from many diverse backgrounds are finding the Angel Bear Yoga Online Training beneficial.

- Preschool Teachers
- Elementary School Teachers
- School Counselors
- Montessori Teachers
- Yoga Instructors
- Yoga Studio Owners
- Psychologists
- Parent Educators
- Head Start Workers
- Naturalists/Environmentalists
- Homeschool Mothers/Teachers
- Mothers

In our last training, we had a Montessori teacher, a yoga instructor, a clinical psychologist, a park naturalist and a mother!

Please take this time to review all of the information about what you will receive with the training and we hope to see you online!


The only requirement is a love for children and wanting to learn inspiring ways to make a difference in their lives!

Angel Bear Yoga Online Training Cost 

· $150.00

What Will You Receive:

- Angel Bear Yoga has all the materials you will need to lead innovative children’s yoga classes. Once you sign up for the training, you will receive $150.00 worth of materials and over two years worth of lesson plans!

  • The Angel Bear Yoga Main Lesson Book ($40 value)
  • The Angel Bear Yoga Around the Calendar Year with Literacy & Yoga Monthly Lesson Plans ($50 value)
  • The Angel Bear Yoga Companion Book ($20 value)
  • An amazing value of $110.00 worth of products with the training!

For your convenience, these materials will be sent to you in a downloadable form, so you will have them the day of the training. We encourage you to get three 3-ring binders so you will have a convenient way to carry the books to your classes.  

We recommend that you spend time reviewing these materials, so that you can jot down any questions you have to ask during the training.

What You Will Receive After the Training

  • You will receive a Marketing Audio File (60 minutes). This audio tape was conducted with Christi Eley, the Founder of Angel Bear. This information will be essential for you starting your business locally.
  • You will receive marketing graphics and files, so you can create your own marketing materials.
  • You will receive your Angel Bear Yoga Certificate.
  • You will receive 50% off any Angel Bear Yoga products that you choose to order after the training (this excludes any additional trainings or workshops).

If You Have No Yoga Experience:

  • If you do not have any formal yoga training or certificates, you can still take this training.  We have designed it to be extremely comprehensive.  The core poses are explained in detail.  We can recommend things to do to become more familiar with the poses and we we are happy to discuss this with you prior to registering.  Please email us at:  angelbearyoga@triad.rr.com

How Does It Work:

  • The online training is so convenient and easy! Once you sign-up, you will receive an invitation from Instant Presenter – they are the company that we use for the training. You can go to their website: www.instantpresenter.com to register. We also recommend having them do a scan of your computer, to make sure your computer has all the current updates needed. You just go to their home page “Support” and check “System Requirements” and they will do a scan of your computer. That way, everything will be ready to go the day of the training!
  • The training is 205 minutes in length with a 30 minute break in between. During this time, you will be able to see and hear the Founder, Christi Eley on your computer. She will train you on the Angel Bear Yoga Main Lesson Book – all aspects of the philosophy behind Angel Bear Yoga, the material and pointers on how to lead your classes. During this time, you will have the opportunity to text chat and ask any questions. This is a wonderful way to not only have your questions answered, but hear what others are asking as well.
  • We have found this is the ideal time to cover the material needed. After the online training, you are encouraged to continue going over the materials, listen to the audio tapes, and hold practice sessions.
  • You are always free to contact Christi Eley, Founder of Angel Bear Yoga by email to ask any questions.  She is always available to answer questions at any time after the training and in the future!

How Is This Different Then A Live Training?

The only difference between this training and a live training is that the 68 core poses in the Angel Bear Yoga program will not be demonstrated.  If you are familiar with yoga - have any personal yoga experience or training, you will clearly understand these core poses.


I was able to print everything and watch the session yesterday. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!! This is the first training course that I have taken that is so comprehensive! I am so grateful for how organized you are, and how thoughts are put into action and complete!! It is amazing how everything is laid out in a clear easy to understand format. I love all the book suggestions and how they are organized. You have created a wonderful program that is structured yet open for creative freedom. I just cannot wait to take this into my yoga studio and start working with some little ones! My daughter is already so intrigued by Angel Bear and Sweet Pea (she's 3) and she can not wait to learn about them. At the time I do not have any questions regarding the training. Everything was very clear, and questions I did have were addressed. I would like to purchase the DVD and the CD at the discounted rate, will you let me know if I type in a discount code at checkout?   Again, thank you so so so much for all the hard work that you and your family has put into making this program accessible to the public!  I am excited to see the graphics for the flyer and get the marketing download.  

Noelle Swonsen, Co-Owner of Studio Be Yoga and Healing Center, Yoga Instructor, Childbirth Educator, Doula

I have finished the online training! Amazing job! I found it really helpful to have the material ahead of time to read over. I loved it all! I do not have any questions, I felt it was all very thorough. Thank you again so much. I feel so much more confident and prepared for starting my kid's yoga classes. I'm recommending the program to my sister as well!  Monica Noseworthy

I can't thank you enough for your contribution to improving the lives of children! I just finished the online training and it is so beyond any of my expectations. I am so grateful that one of my students mentioned your program to me and I had the wisdom to follow up! I haven't thought of any questions for you, but mostly because you covered everything and more. I am especially enthusiastic about your focus on nature.  Betty Horton Lewis

I am so happy! I reviewed all of the materials that you sent and watched the online training. I have to congratulate you. You did an amazing job. The curriculum is so well organized and specific. It's just amazing!  Ana Filipa Chaby Lobo

I belive in opportunities, and this was mine! Thank you for showing up in my life and giving me the opportunity to learn how to teach yoga for kids. I really want to make a change in our world for my kids and for the next generations, and I know I have the perfect tools with the Angel Bear yoga training! It was perfect, just what I needed to know, great training in the comfort of my house. I really felt like I was in your place! Everything very well explained, clear and easy! An awesome online training! Thank you again, God Bless you.  Sara Vazquez

“I just finished the online training. All I can say is WOW! This is such a wonderful and comprehensive program. Since my educational background is in zoology, I am so excited to have a program that includes nature with yoga. The training was so informative as is your literature. You have created a wonderful and beautiful program! I can’t wait to share it!”  Amy Thiele

“You should be so proud of the program you created. As I worked through it, I would have a question, and then it would be answered. I definitely feel that I got MORE than my money’s worth in materials and lesson plans and information. I am so excited about this teaching this program!”   Stephanie Brea

I am so excited to start teaching ABY! I have worked with children for seven years and I know what it takes to keep the attention of a young child and ABY does just that. The training with Christi was much more than I anticipated it would be. I left feeling confident and informed, ready to teach my first ABY class. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me and all of the children's lives that will be changed along the way. Thanks again Christi--you rock!!
Kindest regards,   Kristin Switzer

"Christi is absolutely inspiring. I registered for her online training because I was hired to teach kids yoga at a summer camp. I emailed her for some sample lesson plans and she responded by calling me immediately. She was out of town but she went out of her way to ask her friend to send me the material.   During the live training online, I felt her very beautiful energy in sharing all her knowledge with us. She provided us with very helpful tips from her own experience and she also created a great platform for us, as participants, to share ideas. Now, I simply can't wait to bring Angel Bear Yoga to children and families!"  Much care,   Shirley, Angel Bear Yoga Instructor

My background is in engineer and I am currently very blessed to be able to work from home. I have participated in a lot of webinars and yours was very complete. It was great to have the material ahead of time. The way you have set up the program helps in making the training so much more meaninful. It just makes sense! As you know, I am a yoga teacher and was able to convince the recreation department in my town to start Yoga for Kids. Your program has given me a great base to feel confident not only in teaching the program but in marketing to parents, schools, and other organizations. I have studied other children's yoga program and have found something missing. Almost like they were missing something, skimming the surface, ...not going deep enough. Your program really gives me the feeling that I am really making a difference and teaching incredibly important lessons that go beyond learning to stretch and relax, while still having fun. Thanks again!    Clorimar Rios

My experience with Angel Bear Yoga has been remarkable.
Christi's program materials are the best ones yet for teachers to use as true tools when designing their classes. It provides one a framework with the most beautiful themes that truly speak to the hearts of the children we are teaching and their parents too. Personally, the main lesson plan book and monthly lesson plans have helped me plan out my classes with ease and remove the guesswork of what to do next. Since I started the Angel Bear program at my studio, I have doubled the number of children in attendance, in part, this is based on the environmental and animal aspect tied in with the classes that resonates so well with the children. Christi has been such a joy to work with and I have felt fully supported by her with access through email and several phone conversations as i was setting up my use of Angel Bear at our Studio. This program is a must have and do for all yoga teachers.

Claudia Castro, Owner, Del Sol Martial Arts & Fitness, Austin, TX
Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-200

Unfortunately I live in a city where children's yoga is not popular, so when I learned that Christi developed an online course, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. Angel Bear Yoga is a perfect match for blending the mind, body and spirit together for young children as well as introducing the wonderful gifts of nature. The manual is an amazing resource with beautiful illustrations and colors that defiantly catch the children's imagination. With this all being said, I have been inspired to start my own journey and bring yoga to children. I have been teaching Angel Bear Yoga for almost 4 weeks and the children's response has been encouraging - they love Angel Bear and Sweet Pea. I know I have said this many times, but thank you Christi for creating a remarkable children's yoga program. I am grateful for all the tools you have offered and know you are always there to answer any questions.
Casey Schmidt - Children' Yoga Instructor
Once Upon a Pose

The online training that I participated in was wonderful. My questions and concerns were answered. There was great dialogue between Christi and myself concerning my interest in Angel Bear Yoga. After the session, I was very excited to start my own angel bear program with preschoolers. I would recommend this training for anyone interested in learning more about Angel Bear Yoga.   Jane - Preschool Angel Bear Yoga Instructor

I just have to first say Thank You So Much for this program! When I first started I was worried that  I would not know how to teach this program since its not what is usually taught in other kids Yoga classes,and the postures used different names,etc. I have to say that this is a very well thought out,and super comprehensive program. I took about 8 pages of notes,and kept another page to the side for questions that I had(I ask a lot of questions)...I ended up scratching those out,as you were answering them all. :) I am thrilled to  be able to offer this program to the community. Thank You,again.    Yolanda, Angel Bear Yoga Instructor