I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.

Yoga for Kids Program - Designed for Parents

Yoga for Children Training for Parents!

  • Great way to spend quality time with your children!
  • Promotes family bonding and communication!
  • Creative way to teach children valuable lessons of positive character!
  • Great way for the entire family to practice fitness together!
  • You choose how to integrate it into your day - from 5 minutes a day to 30 minutes!
  • Anyone can do - easy-to-follow lessons!
  • Join your children in learning about amazing animals and endangered animals.
  • Motivate your children to spend more time in nature – all children need one adult who will foster this love that will help them for a lifetime.

ADD & Children's Yoga
A.D.D. and Children's Yoga

Angel Bear Yoga can help children with ADD/ADHD by addressing the Nature Deficit children are facing in our world today. They have lost their interconnectedness with nature. There’s a huge movement sweeping the country today – encouraging children to spend more time outdoors and in nature. The first step for this is motivating and teaching children about the wonders of nature – arousing their curiosity and imagination, so they will want to go exploring. Angel Bear Yoga fills this need. Connecting children to nature will bring peace and spending time with animals and nature is calming.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” - Rachel Carson

Parent Testimonials

"Story-time yoga was a great outlet for Mia. It not only incorporated a character trait story but worked on relaxation, strength, and balance. Our initial thought with yoga was that if we started now that it may be a lifetime avenue for Mia to find inner peace/relaxation and to calm herself down. During the tumultuous months when Mia regressed (she has a seizure disorder), she herself would get her yoga mat out and try whatever poses she could remember. We often had times when she would get over stimulated at home and practicing the yoga moves calmed her."
Deb Marshall, Mother to 3-year-old Mia

"My daughter loves Angel Bear Yoga™ class. After her first class with Ms. Christi, she went home and lined up all her stuffed animals on her bed and taught them the yoga poses she had learned!"
Mary, Mother in North Carolina

Words from Angel Bear Yoga Kids

“I like Angel Bear Yoga™ because it relaxes me." Nicole, North Carolina

“I like Sweet Pea – she’s my favorite!" Marie, North Carolina

“I like Angel Bear Yoga™ because it shows me answers to things." Alex, North Carolina

“I like learning about all the animals!" Crystal, North Carolina