I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.

Spirtual Parenting Through the Use of Yoga

There has been much talk and attention put on yoga lately. The practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years and here in the west, it has taken off with adults who benefit from its physical properties. It is used to combat obesity, teach centering and relaxation. It is becoming so commonplace that we see it being used at YMCA’s, health clubs, and even churches. Yet few people have seen the big picture of how yoga can be used as a tool in spiritual parenting. By combining the physical movements of yoga with positive parenting skills, parents will benefit by moving and stretching their bodies while bonding with their children. This quality time allows parents and children to interact with each other and opens the doors to communication. Too many times, parents want nothing more than their own free time away from stress, so they seek to look for adult yoga activities. Unfortunately, they are missing a tremendous opportunity to interact with their children while relieving stress together.

Many children today need all the benefits of yoga- exercise, stress reduction, reflection. With little thought beforehand, parents can build on these positive benefits by interacting with their children and talking about their day. This is a perfect opportunity to create special moments with your child – meaningful, quality moments that will make a lasting impression. By physically stretching with the pose, children can envision themselves accomplishing positive things while working together with their supportive parents. How’s that for spiritual parenting!

Yoga provides parents with a way to really get down on the child’s level (literally down on the floor!) and participate in an activity that they will really enjoy. Since most children learn when they’re moving, it’s a perfect opportunity to open the door to engaging conversation that will really be remembered – and not go in one ear and out the other! What better way to spend time with your kids?

The benefits of yoga are so far reaching and can bring so many wonderful benefits into your life – better physical fitness, relaxation techniques, focus, a sense of purpose, but the most important thing it can bring to parents – is a way to create special Angel Moments together that will create everlasting bonds with your child.