I'm Angel Bear and I'm here to build character and open children's hearts to nature one pose at a time.

Yoga for Kids Program - Designed for Teachers

Yoga for Children Training for Teachers!

  • Great way to engage kinesthetic learners!
  • Creative way to incorporate movement into your day!
  • Great way to teach character education!
  • Great way to teach nature appreciation and science facts!
  • Great way to encourage creativity and imagination with fun Angel Bear activities!
  • You choose how to integrate into your curriculum - from 5 minutes a day to a complete 30 minute yoga class!
  • Anyone can do - easy-to-follow lesson plans.
  • Angel Bear Yoga™ has been used in many preschools, public and private school programs, Montessori Schools, etc.
  • No special training or certification required - curriculum designed for teachers to use in classroom.
  • "Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives." - Thomas Berry

ADD & Children's Yoga
A.D.D. and Children's Yoga

Angel Bear Yoga can help children with ADD/ADHD by addressing the Nature Deficit children are facing in our world today. They have lost their interconnectedness with nature. There’s a huge movement sweeping the country today – encouraging children to spend more time outdoors and in nature. The first step for this is motivating and teaching children about the wonders of nature – arousing their curiosity and imagination, so they will want to go exploring. Angel Bear Yoga fills this need. Connecting children to nature will bring peace and spending time with animals and nature is calming.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” - Rachel Carson

Angel Bear Yoga™ Teacher Testimonials

- "You should be so proud of the program you created.  As I worked through it,
I would have a question, and then it would be answered.  I definitely feel that I
got MORE then my money's worth in materials and lesson plans and information. 
Thank you, teaching has been a secret desire of mine for so long, and thanks go
your program, I will now be teaching once a week - I'm so excited about this!"

Stephanie Brea

- “To combine yoga, imagination, character development, and a sense of
wonder and connectedness to nature is not only creative and inspiring,
but truly needed at this time in our history. To introduce Angel Bear
Yoga™ to young ones is a start, to hopefully, enrich ourselves and
open our eyes to a more sustainable and beautiful world.”

Patricia Rossi
Education Specialist, Akron, Ohio

- “The Angel Bear Yoga™ curriculum incorporates developmentally
appropriate activities and concepts that can support national goals
for early childhood education. It is a well thought-out tool that
can enhance children, parents, and teacher’s knowledge about life.
Combining movement, nature, language, and values in a unique way.

Dot Hill, M.Ed
Early Childhood Consultant and Trainer

- “ A very creative way to teach character development in young
children. Combining both movement and character adds a new avenue
for me to teach my four-year-old’s about sharing and respecting one

Preschool Teacher, North Carolina

- “Christi Eley has created a wonderful and unique yoga program
for children. Her Angel Bear Yoga™ program uses a storytelling
approach to not only teach fun and healthy yoga poses, but also to
teach children about positive character traits.”

Tamera Byer
Yoga Instructor, Campbell County YMCA,
Fort Thomas, KY

- “Children at our school love the Angel Bear Yoga™ classes. Ms.
Christi enjoys teaching as much as our students enjoy learning!”

Angel Manning, Director, Winston-Salem Montessori School,
Winston-Salem, NC

- “Wow! What a great concept to use yoga as an avenue to teach so
many valuable lessons.” This tool changed my mind about what is and
now I love it!”

Preschool Teacher, Georgia